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AquaLabs Vitality (300ml)

AquaLabs Vitality (300ml)

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AquaLabs Vitality is a highly concentrated, innovative water conditioner that makes tap water safe for aquarium fish. The full-spectrum formulation removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia while also detoxifying heavy metals.

Elevated levels of ammonia in aquatic systems can harm fish and organisms, leading to stress and illness. Traditional methods, involving compounds like formaldehyde for ammonia removal can generate unwanted byproducts. Vitality offers a more efficient and safer alternative by making ammonia non-toxic without the use of formaldehyde. This reduces the risks of residual chemicals and detoxifies ammonia for longer.

Unlike other water conditioners, Vitality enhances the bioavailability of calcium. This improves plant growth and boosts the immune system of fish, shrimp and snails. Beneficial bacteria is also able to reproduce more efficiently, creating a more stable environment for aquarium inhabitants.

This feature is incredibly important due to the treatment processes that tap water is subject to in Australia. The chemicals added work effectively to flocculate and sterilise tap water for drinking purposes but this is not ideal for aquarium use. Specifically, calcium is bound to metals meaning that it cannot be effectively consumed by aquarium inhabitants. Nitrification is slowed and fungal infections are more prevalent. By enhancing the bioavailability of calcium, Vitality overcomes these issues making it more effective than other water conditioners.

DIRECTIONS: Use 1 pump (2.0ml) per 120 litres of new water. An elevated dose of 1 pump per 20 litres may be used in emergency situations where ammonia levels have spiked.

SAFETY: For aquarium use only, keep out of reach of children

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