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AquaLabs Max Grow (300ml)

AquaLabs Max Grow (300ml)

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Description: AquaLabs Max Grow is a rich aquarium fertiliser designed for densely planted aquariums with minimal hardscape and CO2 injection. It is tailored to achieve the fastest and most lush growth. This special formulation allows all essential macro and micronutrients to be delivered in one convenient bottle. It is safe to be used with fish, shrimp and snails.

Consider this formulation if you are setting up a plant centric aquascape or one with inert substrate. The non-limiting nutrient delivery method allows plants to thrive and rules out nutrient deficiencies as a cause of algae. Aquarium plants will grow much faster meaning the hobbyist can achieve their desired results sooner. If you are looking for more controlled growth and less maintenance, consider AquaLabs Lean Grow.

Dosage: Shake well before use. Dose 1 pump (2.0ml) per 30 litres, 3 times a week. Perform a 50% water change weekly to retain nutrient levels within desired ranges.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.

Analysis: 1 pump (2.0ml) in 30 litres yields the following:

  • 6.50ppm Nitrate

  • 2.00ppm Phosphate

  • 6.02ppm Potassium

  • 0.02ppm Magnesium

  • 0.15ppm Iron

  • + Trace Elements

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