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AquaLabs KH Plus (300g)

AquaLabs KH Plus (300g)

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Description: AquaLabs KH Plus is a specialized water conditioner crafted to elevate the carbonate hardness (KH) of aquarium water. Appropriate KH levels are vital for the long-term health and reproductive capacity of fish, shrimp and snails. Plants may also utilise carbonates where there is a lack of additional Co2 Injection. The required degrees of carbonate hardness (dKH) are ultimately determined by the inhabitants of the aquarium and should be considered before using the product. See the general guide below:

Aquarium Inhabitant Recommended dKH
Plants without CO2 Injection
3 - 4 
Plants with CO2 Injection 0 - 1
Neocaridina Shrimp 4 - 8
Caridina Shrimp 0 - 1
Livebearers 4 - 8 
Discus 1 - 4
African Cichlids 10 - 14
American Cichlids 7 - 10
Tanganyika Cichlids 15 - 18

AquaLabs KH Plus is phosphate-free to prevent unwanted algae growth. 

Safety: For aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children.

Directions: 1 tsp (≈5.3g) in 60 litres of water will raise dKH by 2.5.  Note that the dKH of tap water is dependent on the local water supply whereas the dKH of RO water is 0. For best results, the powder should be dissolved in a separate container before adding to the aquarium. Scoop included.

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