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AquaLabs Algae Aid (500ml)

AquaLabs Algae Aid (500ml)

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 AquaLabs Algae Aid is a superior solution for stubborn algae. Super effective against black beard and staghorn algae. Will also eradicate filamentous green algae, spot algae and blue-green algae. Visible results within 48 hours of use. Fish, shrimp and snail safe.

DIRECTIONS: Dose 3ml per 30 litres every 48 hours, ensuring a minimum 30% weekly water change. For best results, switch filtration off and apply Algae Aid directly to impacted areas using a syringe or pipette. Avoid use on sensitive mosses.

Algae Aid may also be used as an algae preventative. The same dose of 3ml per 30 litres every 48 hours applies. However, dose into the water column rather than directly onto the affected area. 

CAUTION: Algae Aid enhances CO2 levels in the aquarium. Ensure adequate aeration after use.

SAFETY: Aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, contact the Poisons Centre (Ph: 13 11 26). Contains glutaraldehyde.

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